About This Site

Like all the main political parties, we are using a service called Nationbuilder to deliver this website and to help us run the campaign. Nationbuilder is a powerful tool which helps us to manage the campaign efficiently and to reach out to many more people than we would otherwise be able to.

Independent candidates are legally restricted to spending no more than $25,000 in the election campaign, severely limiting our reach compared with the deep pockets of the mainstream parties. We use Nationbuilder to help us compete on a level playing field.

However, we also believe that we should be transparent about the platform we use and how we will use it. We believe that all main parties in the 2017 elections are using Nationbuilder in a similar or more extensive manner. Here are some examples of the things we are using Nationbuilder to do:

  • keep a list of people who are interested in the campaign and the information that they share with us through the site. This information primarily consists of the following: Name, Email address, Social profile information where it is publically available or the user consents, Address details – most importantly post code, so we can identify Ilam voters and prioritise their needs, Actions taken on site – for example, answers to surveys, forms or checkboxes. 
  • Monitor linked social media sites (for example, page likes or comments)
  • Track user interactions and activity in relation to this site and linked social media sites including Facebook and Twitter 
  • Manage outbound communications and responses (for example email newsletters or event RSVPs) 
  • create interactive content and keep the answers in the system so that we can use them later – for example to communicate with people on subjects that they have expressed an interest in.

 A full list of what Nationbuilder can do is available here : http://nationbuilder.com/feature_comparison. At the time of writing we use the 'Leader' version and expect to upgrade to 'Organisation' during the course of the campaign. We are not using all the features, and do not intend to.

We are also using the Google Analytics tool to understand how users are interacting with the site and the content. This helps us to understand trends, patterns and topics of interest and work out how to improve our delivery. Google Analytics is widely used globally and you will find an overview of its capabilities here : https://www.google.co.nz/analytics/analytics

We may use cookies to operate this site.


Using your data

We understand (and share) the concerns that many people have with the capture and storage of data on the web, and think that people have the right to know how their data is being used now and in the future.

We therefore make the following commitments with the data that you choose to share with us:

  • we will gather, keep and use any personal data you share with us only for the purpose of Raf Manji's campaign to be elected MP in Ilam in 2017.
  • we will endeavour to be transparent about the uses that we intend to put the data we gather to.
  • we will not gather or keep financial information.
  • once the campaign is finished, we will delete this site in Nationbuilder, including the data which we have gathered during the campaign, with the exception of keeping a registration list and a route to contact you in future.
  • we may also keep and use overall summaries of the data we have captured in the future, however these summaries will not contain personal information.
  • we will remove data on request - please contact us at engage@rafmanji.nz and we will arrange this for you.
  • we will not knowingly allow data to be disclosed outside the campaign or the services we use to operate it without your consent and will try to fix any issues that we become aware of as quickly as we can.
  • we will comply with any lawful requirement to disclose data we hold.



Due to the very low spending limits for independent candidates in New Zealand elections, this site has been built by a team of volunteers at very low cost. Nationbuilder is a service provided by a 3rd party over the internet, and we have limited control over the platform. We rely on the expertise of Nationbuilder and the other service providers we use to ensure the security of the site and the data which is shared with us. Within these limitations, we will strive to minimise security risks and issues, and will act where we become aware of them.


Your Consent

By using or registering with this site you consent receive communications from us and to us keeping and using your data in the manner outlined on this page, and you agree you will not hold us liable for any issues in relation to the data that you share with us.