A City of Health and Wellbeing

Now election season is warming up, it feels time to reflect on what this is really about. When I launched Christchurch 2026, my message was that we are at a cross roads. We've come a long way since the quakes, but we've lost our direction - we're lacking a clear path or a coherent destination. The 2026 plan and my proposal to bid for the 2026 Commonwealth games will reignite that debate and help us find our way again.  But we also need to talk about where we want to end up. 


Over the past couple of weeks we've talked about values - about thinking with the heart and acting with the head. I've also had the privilege to speak with many of you and visit Kilmarnock Enterprises and Odyssey House, two amazing examples of how we can help people overcome challenging circumstances to live positive, engaged and fulfilling lives and make their own contributions in return.

CHCH 2026 is really about much more than the games. It's not just a goal to shoot for and a prize when we get there - more importantly, it's an opportunity to build a city of health and wellbeing - a city we want to live in.

As an Independent candidate, I have made the commitment to work with any party and any Government to build that city, a community that gives back to it's people and to NZ as a whole. The CHCH 2026 plan will build warm, healthy homes, world class sports facilities, revitalise the red zone and create focal points in the city for science, tourism, and youth.

But creating that community needs us all to take part. In the past, I've talked about the responsibility of citizenship, and as you watch the summary of the 2026 plan, I'd like to challenge you help make CHCH 2026 a reality.

Starting this week we will be building up our engagement in the community, to spread the word and bring Ilam and the rest of the Christchurch together to grasp this unique opportunity to build our future city. If, like me, you want our community to move past surviving and start to thrive again, then please follow this link to register, volunteer or donate  - and share this post with your friends and family, so we can build the city we want to live in together.